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[The objective case of he. see He. Him that is weak in the faith receive. (Rom. Xiv. 1) Friends who have given him the most sympathy. (Thackeray) in old english his and him were respectively the genitive and dative forms of it as well as of he. this use is now obsolete. Poetically, him is sometimes used with the reflexive sense of himself. I never saw but Humphrey, duke of Gloster, Did bear him like a noble gentleman. (Shak) Origin: as. him, dat. Of he. see He.

MediLexicon imidazole - Medical Dictionary Definition for Term 'imidazole'

[1. A five-membered heterocyclic compound occurring in l-histidine and other biologically important compounds.

Molecular Formula: C3H4N2

InChI: InChI=1/C3H4N2/c1-2-5-3-4-1/h1-3H,(H,4,5)/f/h4H

SMILES: c1c[nH]cn1

CAS number 288-32-4


    PubChem CID 795
    Beilstein =103853
    CAS 288-32-4 (from NIST)
    ChEBI 16069
    chemPDB IMD
    Gmelin 1417
    Kegg C01589
    PubChem ID 108518
    PubChem ID 4744