Vitamin PP

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Niacinamide An important compound functioning as a component of the coenzyme NAD. Its primary significance is in the prevention and/or cure of blacktongue and PELLAGRA. Most animals cannot manufacture this compound in amounts sufficient to prevent nutritional deficiency and it therefore must be supplemented through dietary intake.

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[(Science: biochemistry) member of the water soluble B vitamin group, used in the production of fatty acids, steroids and cholesterol, deficiency is known as pellagra. Has cholesterol-lowering and vasodilating properties.

MediLexicon nicotinamide - Medical Dictionary Definition for Term 'nicotinamide'

[1. The biologically active amide of nicotinic acid, used in the prevention and treatment of pellagra.

Molecular Formula: C6H6N2O

InChI: InChI=1/C6H6N2O/c7-6(9)5-2-1-3-8-4-5/h1-4H,(H2,7,9)/f/h7H2

SMILES: NC(=O)c1cccnc1

CAS number 98-92-0

    Nicotinic acid amide
    Vitamin PP

    PubChem CID 936
    CAS 98-92-0 (from NIST)
    ChEBI 17154
    chemPDB NCA
    Kegg C00153
    PubChem ID 10398263
    PubChem ID 3453