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[(Science: physiology) A nitrogenous base, C5H5N, obtained from the distillation of bone oil or coal tar, and by the decomposition of certain alkaloids, as a colourless liquid with a peculiar pungent odour. It is the nucleus of a large number of organic substances, among which several vegetable alkaloids, as nicotine and certain of the ptomaines, may be mentioned. See lutidine. Origin: From Gr. Fire.

MediLexicon pyridine - Medical Dictionary Definition for Term 'pyridine'

[1. A colorless volatile liquid of empyreumatic odor and burning taste, resulting from the dry distillation of organic matter containing nitrogen; used as an industrial solvent, in analytic chemistry, and for denaturing alcohol.

Molecular Formula: C5H5N

InChI: InChI=1/C5H5N/c1-2-4-6-5-3-1/h1-5H

SMILES: c1ccncc1

CAS number 110-86-1


    PubChem CID 1049
    Beilstein =103233
    CAS 110-86-1 (from NIST)
    ChEBI 16227
    Gmelin 1996
    Kegg C00747
    PubChem ID 10361370
    PubChem ID 4009