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[1. The flavin in milk. Synonym: lactochrome. Synonym: riboflavin. a B vitamin that prevents skin lesions and weight loss.

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[1. A heat-stable factor of the vitamin B complex with isoalloxazine nucleotides that are coenzymes of the flavodehydrogenases. The daily adult human requirement is 1.7 mg for adult men and 1.3 mg for adult women, with a higher daily requirement during pregnancy and lactation; dietary sources include green vegetables, liver, kidneys, wheat germ, milk, eggs, cheese, and fish.

Molecular Formula: C17H20N4O6

InChI: InChI=1/C17H20N4O6/c1-7-3-9-10(4-8(7)2)21(5-11(23)14(25)12(24)6-22)15-13(18-9)16(26)20-17(27)19-15/h3-4,11-12,14,22-25H,5-6H2,1-2H3,(H,20,26,27)/t11-,12+,14-/m1/s1/f/h20H

SMILES: Cc1cc2N=C3C(=O)NC(=O)N=C3N(C[C@@H](O)[C@@H](O)[C@@H](O)CO)c2cc1C

CAS number 83-88-5

    Vitamin B2

    PubChem CID 6759
    Beilstein =97831
    CAS 83-88-5 (from NIST)
    ChEBI 17015
    chemPDB RBF
    Kegg C00255
    PubChem ID 11069868
    PubChem ID 3554