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   January 5, 2005     Saratoga, California Since 1955
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Photograph by George Sakkestad
Simon Quellen Field, a local toymaker, demonstrates a hydrogen fuel cell experiment that generates electricity. The fun, educational science experiment can be made by adults and children alike.
Gizmo Guy
By Lisa Toth
Google engineer is half-Indiana Jones, half-mad scientist.  More
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Tsunamis impact Farmers market Westmont wins
So many families from South India have moved to Saratoga in recent years that the Indian diaspora in the Bay Area sometimes jokingly calls it Saratogam.  More Organizers of the Saratoga Farmers Market are looking at various locations in and around Saratoga to host the market after summer 2005.  More It was an old fashioned barn-burner when Westmont and Santa Clara tipped off in the championship game of the 11th annual Don's Club Holiday Classic girls basketball tournament at Del Mar last Thursday night.  More
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Gizmo Guy: Google engineer is half-Indiana Jones, half-mad scientist

Indian residents in Saratoga react to the tsunamis abroad

Wanted: new venue for city's farmers market

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Saratoga delegates visit a sister city in Japan

Cartoon: DeCinzo

Columnist: Andrea Dorey

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Housing should be on list of New Year's resolutions


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Cara Finn: Simply Da Vine


Westmont wins Holiday Classic title

Redwood impressive at league mat finals


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