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   January 5, 2005     Los Gatos, California Since 1881
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Photograph by George Sakkestad
Standing in a cargo net about 32 feet above the ground, Simon Quellen Field of Los Gatos hangs out. The net he built with his daughter on their 20-acre property is accessible by a crossing a 110-foot-long suspension bridge, made of air craft cable and Redwood planks, and then climbing through the two-story tree house, located behind him.
Gizmo Guy
By Lisa Toth
Los Gatan is half-Indiana Jones, half-mad scientist.  More
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Mayor of LG Fairy-tale propsal Injured in Fallujah
For almost all of last year, Mike Wasserman bought everything he could in Los Gatos.  More Stacie Puma found her Prince Charming with whom she'll spend the rest of her life.  More Lance Cpl. Ben Dickinson isn't excited about the prospect of going back to the war in Iraq, but he's not afraid to do it, either.  More
Cover Story
Gizmo Guy: Los Gatan is half-Indiana Jones, half-mad scientist

Wasserman aims to bring together volunteers while he's mayor of LG

Los Gatan is home after being injured in Fallujah

Horse-drawn carriage ride the site of fairy-tale propsal

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Editorial: Tireless efforts of chief leads case to conclusion

Sparrer: Wee Winkle Tinkle fills our home with 'Sunshine'

Cartoon: DeCinzo


Columnist: Tony Tomeo

Valley Homes

Perkins on Real Estate

The Real Deal

Home sales and property listings

Housing should be on list of New Year's resolutions

Around Town

Sarah Kasrovi cracks 'em up with her PG-rated act



Students learn to act, sing and dance at Green Room

LG cheerleaders take top honors, prepare for nationals

Main Street

Simply DaVine: Cara Finn

Columnist: Andrea Dorey


Pascale, Johnson win All-American honors

Gatos wrestlers take Reno by storm


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