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Sharp Aquos

You're watching TV for entertainment. Spoil yourself. There are larger screens available, but this one does full 1080p, makes a wonderful computer monitor, or game console monitor, and has a bright gorgeous screen that can be seen from a very wide range of viewing positions.

Sharp Aquos Titanium LC-45GD7U

For our home theater, we chose the 45 inch Sharp Aquos LCD television. It supports 1080p HD content (the best there is), scaling up lower formats to the higher resolution, instead of scaling them down as lower resolution televisions have to do.

Because it is so bright and high contrast, even with the lights on, we don't need a dark room. It has a very wide viewing angle, so it doesn't matter if you are lying on the floor, standing up, or standing in the doorway, you can always see a great picture.

It has lots of inputs, so we have attached a laptop computer to it (with a wireless Bluetooth remote keyboard and mouse, so the laptop computer stays hidden behind the screen), and we can sit on the couch 9 feet away and still read the finest print. An XBOX 360, a high definition DVD player (when they become available), and an HD camcorder can all have their own inputs, switchable with the remote control.


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