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Hybrid Cars

While we wait for lithium polymer battery prices to fall to the point where fully electric cars are both high performance and affordable, the best alternative at the moment is a hybrid car.

Hybrid Cars

We have three different types of hybrid cars on my solar powered farm above Silicon Valley. We love each one for a different reason.

My daughter inherited my wife's wonderful little Honda Insight when I bought Kathleen a new Toyota Prius for her birthday. The Insight bets better gas mileage, and has an amazing turning radius, but the Prius has four doors, seats five, and has extra cargo space.

I used to drive a pickup truck everywhere, since you need one on a farm, and I figured why have two cars for one person? I got really used to sitting up high enough to see over most of the cars ahead of me. So when the thought of commuting in a truck that only got 23 miles per gallon got to be too much, we parked the truck next to the chicken coop and I bought myself a Lexus RX 400h hybrid SUV. I still sit up high, I have satellite navigation, a rear view camera built into the back bumper, headlights that turn as I turn the wheel, to light up my winding mountain road, a moon roof, even seat warmers. And I get much better gas mileage, better than most of the much smaller cars I share the freeway with.


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