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Home Theater

With more High Definition content becoming available all the time, the days of the tiny tube are numbered. Once you go HD, you never go back. Some friends of mine refuse to watch anything that isn't HD. I haven't gotten quite to that point yet, but when all of my favorites are finally in HD, it will be hard to get excited about some show that comes out in standard definition only.

Home Theater

We turned the back bedroom into a library/guestroom/home theater. Since the room is not huge, a 60 inch screen would have shown all the scan lines and artifacts, but our 45 inch Sharp Aquos is just perfect. It has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, so it will handle the best of any HDTV content there is, and then some, and when 1080p content is available, we will be ready.
The picture is very sharp, bright, high contrast, and can be seen from all angles in the room, whether you are standing in the doorway, lying on the floor, or standing up.

It makes a great computer monitor, too, so we have a laptop computer sitting behind it, connected to one of the HDMI inputs, and a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, so we can use the computer from the couch. The 45 inch screen means that all the text is easily readable from 9 feet away, relaxing in style. The remote control switches between Tivo and the computer, so we can IMDb the actors while the movie is paused.

Our Tivo solution is the DirecTV HR10-250 HD Tivo, expanded to provide 130 hours of HD program storage and 870 hours of standard definition program storage, using a terabyte of Maxtor Quickview disk.

We never miss a show due to space limitations, and DirecTV is great!

But now that I have a nice big screen that can do HD video, I need a camera that can do HD. I found a wonderful little camera that does beautiful HD video, and fits in my pocket -- the Sanyo Xacti HD1.


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