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Home Gym

I like to stay in shape. Some days are easier than others. But I have a home gym full of fun gadgets that make it easier to work off a few pounds or build some muscle, because I get to play with the toys. These gadgets have heart rate monitors, computers that calculate calories, miles, cardio conditioning goals, and much more.

Home Gym Equipment

A really nice treadmill. I live on a mountain. We like to take the dogs for a walk up to the top of the mountain. But when it is raining or snowing, it is nice to have an indoor treadmill that can tilt up to 15 degrees, to match the workout the dogs give me. The Sole F83.

A fancy weight machine. Free weights are fine when you have a spotter to catch them when you are really working that last one. But a good modern weight machine gives you the same freedom of movement, but with the safety of a steel frame to catch the weight. The Hoist V5.

A recumbent stationary bike. Our home gym has a television, and when we want to watch TV we can lessen the guilt by getting a workout. A nice quiet recumbent bicycle means that the volume doesn't have to wake the neighbors (ours are a mile away). The Cybex CR 330.

A rowing machine. A rowing machine gives you a cardio workout using all of your muscles instead of just your legs. A quiet one is nice, and this one has a nice computer too. The Kettler HKS-Selection Coach.

An abdominal exerciser. The weight machine can exercise the abdominals, but this little machine seems to really give a good workout. The Torso Track 2.


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