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Amazing Mathematical Sculptures

Some of the most beautiful shapes and objects come from mathematical formulae. Now, with computers and "Santa Claus" machines that can "print" out three dimensional objects in wax, plastic, or metal, we can make objects that would be impossibly time consuming and expensive to make any other way. The results are amazing.

Bathsheba Grossman's Mathematical Art

Amazing sculptures and jewelry

Intricate and delicate three dimensional forms made by sending computer designed files to various "Santa Claus" machines, that "print" the objects directly in metal, or in wax for later casting.

These are objects that would never have been made using any other technique -- they would be far too difficult to make, and far too expensive to own.

The one above is similar to the one I received as a gift from Theodore Gray when he came to visit the Maker Faire, and to see my treehouse and get a tour of Google.

Beautiful, mathematical, and stunningly amazing art. Some are small enough to wear, others will sit proudly in places of honor around the house. There are even lamps that will amaze anyone who sees them.


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