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Cube World

Watch the little characters play with their sticks and dogs and ropes and balls, and doors and trapdoors. They move around from cube to cube, visiting and interacting with one another. Tip them and they fall over. Play games and compete for high scores.

Cube World

People in little boxes.

The little people interact with their environment. If you tip the cube over on its side, the people fall over. They have magnets in them, so they stack neatly into highrise condominiums. Then the fun really starts, because they interact with each other. They open doors into the next cube, and walk in to play with the characters there. They slide down ropes through trapdoors, or lasso things in other cubes. The dog chases the stick, the people slide on the rope or bungee jump several stories.

There seems to be no end to the things they do when stacked in different ways. We played with these for a couple hours in a restaurant with friends, and had a great time. We play with them whenever someone new comes over.

There are games you can play with them by clicking on buttons, and you can compete for top scores.

There are two sets (so far) with two different characters each. We had to buy four sets altogether -- they are a lot of fun with just one set, but when you can build a big tower, it is like an ant farm of constant activity.

Someone very creative had a lot of fun coming up with these.

Cube World by Radika Games.


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