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Sodium carbonate peroxide

Chemical Formula: 2Na2CO3 3H2O2


Peroxy sodium carbonate,
Sodium percarbonate


White granules.


Sodium carbonate peroxide breaks down into sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide acts as a bleach, and as an anti-microbial agent. The high alkalinity of the sodium carbonate boosts the bleaching effect of hydrogen peroxide.

sodium carbonate peroxide: InChI=1/2CH2O3.4Na.3H2O2/c2*2-1(3)4;;;;;3*1-2/h2*(H2,2,3,4);;;;;3*1-2H/q;;4*+1;;;/p-4/f2CO3.4Na.3H2O2/q2*-2;4m;;;

By Simon Quellen Field

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