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Sodium bicarbonate

Chemical Formula: NaHCO3


Bicarbonate of soda
Baking soda


White powder.


Sodium bicarbonate is used as a leavening in breads, as an antacid for upset stomachs, as a buffering agent to adjust the acidity or alkalinity of a product, as a mild abrasive in toothpaste, and as an odor absorber.

Sodium bicarbonate reacts with acids to release carbon dioxide gas.

sodium bicarbonate: InChI=1/CH2O3.Na/c2-1(3)4;/h(H2,2,3,4);/q;+1/p-1/fCHO3.Na/h2H;/q-1;m

carbon dioxide: InChI=1/CO2/c2-1-3
carbon dioxide: InChI=1/CO2/c2-1-3/i1+2

By Simon Quellen Field

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